Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to setup my email accounts?/How do I get started?
* Please refer to this link

2) Does it backup attachments? Where do I find it.
* Yes, the app backs up the emails with the attachments. The attachments are inside the source .eml file. It can be access after opening the email.

3) Where is my email passwords and credentials stored?
* The email passwords are securely stored in the Apple Keychain. None of the credentials ever leave your computer.

4) Can I Browse emails in the Backup archive?
* Yes, you can.

5) How do I migrate my emails to another email account?
* Please refer to this link

6) How to set the backup storage path?
* You can do it using the “Backup Location” setting.
The default location is ~/Library/Containers/com.suhastech.Horcrux/Data/

7) How to export emails into mbox format?
*Please refer to this link

8) The app just disappeared after first launch.
* Horcrux is a background application. You can go back to the window by clicking on the “H” button in the top bar and choosing “Preferences”.

9) What are snapshots?
* It is the state of your email account on the day of the backup. It is organised according to the date.
Ex: If you set the “No. of snapshots” as 365 and you backup everyday, you’ll have an year’s trail of backups. Snapshots don’t take much space too.

A bit more technical explanation:
* All of your emails will be stored as an open .eml file in a “source” folder. When a backup is initiated, a new plist file is created for that date. Existing emails are not redownloaded, only the new ones are downloaded. Even if you set the “No. of snapshots” as a very big number, not much space will be used.
* For storage, database system is not involved to avoid / minimize corruption damages. Plus, you can tinker with it using the “fallback.rb” ruby programming script if you want. It’s simple file manipulation.

10) I can’t find any files in my Backup Folder/ I cannot open my Backups.
* Make sure you have the “Backup Frequency” set in the Settings Tab as described here. After you have done that, click on “Restart Backup” by clicking on the “H” element on the top.
* Make sure you haven’t paused the Backup procedure. If you have, click on “H” on the Top Bar and Click on “Resume Backup”

If any of the above doesn’t answer your question, please contact support.

11) I can’t seem to delete my email account. Can’t modify keychain
* There is a workaround:
Open (use spotlight), search for “Horcrux”, delete any email account you want (It’ll ask you for admin permission).

This sometimes happen when the binaries are changed. The sandbox doesn’t allow deleting the Keychain entry.

12) I have large gmail account. I can’t seem to backup or restore emails to it. Google seems to have locked me out
* According to, Google doesn’t allow 2500 MB per day for IMAP downloads and 500 MB per day for IMAP uploads. You probably need some time between each backup.